What If You Dream About Earrings?

//What If You Dream About Earrings?

What If You Dream About Earrings?

Look what I found ….

  • It is said that earrings in a dream are a good sign of wealth and prosperity and since they attached to the ear, can easily draw attention to aspects of hearing and so in the waking world will indicated things being said, possible rumors and needing to listen in the waking world.
  • It is also said that if you dream about earrings it indicates you will have  happy marriage and an unmarried person who dreams about earrings will find a good lover.
  • A married woman dreams of wearing a pair of golden earrings indicates she will give birth to a boy…
  • A man who dreams of wearing golden earrings indicates he will impenetrably thickheaded all his life
  • To dream of someone wearing golden earrings indicates your income will drop.
  • To dream of big heavy earrings making you painful indicates you will have ups and downs in love, the right person will ignore you, but you may be entangled by the opposite sex you hate and you will find it hard to about your suffering.

I did not make this stuff up….I found it on the internet so it must be true.  Sounds kinda silly and most of all……….not afraid!

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