Where did they come from?

//Where did they come from?

Where did they come from?

Hoop Earrings originated in Africa dating back Nubia during the 4th Century.  History shows both men and women wore hoop earrings in ancient Egypt….Data shows Hoops Earrings have been around during the late Minoan and early Mycenaean periods of Bronze Age Greece and even earlier evidence shows they were worn by men from Persepolis in ancient Persia.

In Africa, earrings hold magical, ritual and  religious significance.  It’s also considered a symbol of prosperity and protection….personally, I just love hoop earrings.  Whatever your reason, it is a style that changes but never goes away.  I would bet every woman has owned at least one pair or more.  Count me in as one of those women who has many and always will.  Love my HOOPS!

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