“Happiness you can wear…”

Hoop Earrings are classics and have been around for centuries. Happi Hoops wants to share some of these unique designs made with inspiration, love and passion by each Artist / Designer.  I named much of my collection after women who have touched my life over the years which include family and friends as well as people that have been in my life at one time or another. Hopefully, you will be inspired to look beyond the collection and see what I see.

Life is too short so buy those earrings, take that trip, eat that cake.


 Jae Kennedy


Jae Kennedy – Founder/Owner

Happi Hoops was created based on my appreciation and love for Artisan Jewelry.  For over 15 years I’ve only worn Artisan Hoops Earrings, and each design has a story and each Artist having a vision.

I was a single Mom most of my career in Silicon Valley and after raising my son, I married and moved to a 5 acre Llama Ranch in beautiful Auburn, CA.  I decided to re-invent herself and so I created Happi Hoops.  I am excited to put together a collection that reflects both traditional and modern designs with new concepts being added as I discover them.

Almost without exception I have personally reached out to each and kept the collection simple… quality Artisan Jewelry handcrafted in the USA with Inspiration, Love and Passion using precious, semi-precious gemstones and metals resulting in unique designs reflecting my goal of “happiness you can wear

Note:  Happi Hoops personally selects and purchases each pair from the Artist/Designer  – we do not make any items in the collection.  Going forward I will be collaborating with some Artist/Designers to create unique pieces for weddings, special occasions and niche markets.

About Jae Kennedy - Founder - Happi Hoops


Gia Kennedy
Social Media Coordinator

Dave Naves - Web Developer, Daveworks Web Development

Dave Naves | Daveworks Web Development
Web Developer in Northern CA

The Values


Happi Hoops is more than just a place to buy Hoop Earrings.

We strive to provide quality workmanship, unique designs, good information, tips, trends, great things other people are doing and say as well as a chance to connect.  Artists use real precious and semi-precious gemstones and materials which mean no 2 stones are alike and each piece can vary slightly.

Our tag line “happiness you can wear” says it all.



Here is what inspires me…people that make their surroundings a beautiful place with thoughts, actions and reaching out…”



“…Love is many things to many people but to me, it’s endearment and warmth for those who have touched my life in a good way.”



“The ability to strive for something beyond your comfort zone because it’s that important..”